We will accept a cancellation request for an ad or package purchase in the following conditions and processing a refund against it:

1. The cancellation and refund request for an ad or package needs to be raised with the Truckbazi Customer Care team within 24hrs of the purchase of the unused product.

2. The item for which the cancellation is being requested should be completely unused, i.e. any posted ad or any package from which an ad has been posted will not qualify for further refund. Truckbazi.com will process a refund only for a completely unused product (A Single Ad or Package).

3. In-case of any natural calamity, if an ad is not approved within TAT , will not qualify for the refund. Subscription credited as a part of any bonus or compensation from Truck Bazi are not eligible for a refund. Truck Bazi will not issue refunds for products purchased through other entities, such as distributors or retail partners. We aim to serve our customers in every possible better manner. Hence, we would process the refund on after a review of the request and subscription details within the above said time.

4. Truckbazi will Process the refund for eligible customers within 14 working days.

5. For any further queries you can reach us by writing us on info@truckbazi.com